Jhulelal Water Park & Resort Tickets Booking 2024

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In Jalgaon, India, lies the Jhulelal Water Park and Resort, located behind Anubhuti School and across from Jain Irrigation on Shirsoli Road. This facility boasts wheelchair-accessible entrances, restrooms, and a café. While some visitors commend the sympathetic staff, others suggest potential improvements to the washroom and shower facilities for enhanced comfort.

Jhulelal Wild Water Park 2024

Jhulelal Wild Water Park in 2024 is a top destination for fun and excitement in the region. Located in a scenic area, the park offers a variety of water attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. Thrill-seekers can enjoy exhilarating water slides, including high-speed chutes and twisting tunnels, while families can relax in the lazy river or splash around in the wave pool. The park’s well-maintained facilities ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In addition to its water attractions, Jhulelal Wild Water Park features several amenities to enhance visitors’ comfort and convenience. There are shaded picnic areas, food courts offering a variety of snacks and meals, and comfortable lounging spots for relaxation. The park also hosts special events and live entertainment, adding to the festive atmosphere. With its diverse offerings and commitment to guest satisfaction, Jhulelal Wild Water Park is a perfect place for a refreshing and fun-filled day in 2024.

Water Park Name Jhulelal Water Park
Location Gad No. 192/2/B, Opp Jain Irrigation Back side of Anubhuti School Near Panch devi Temple Nagzari, Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425001
Timings 10 Am to 11 Pm
Contact No. 09890770859
Ticket price Rs. 300 per person

Jhulelal Wild Water Park Tickets Price

In 2024, Jhulelal Wild Water Park offers affordable ticket prices to cater to visitors of all ages. General admission tickets typically range from ₹400 to ₹700, depending on factors like age and any special promotions. Children often enjoy discounted rates, making it a budget-friendly option for families planning a day of fun. The park also offers group discounts and special packages that include access to multiple attractions within the park, providing added value for larger groups.

Tickets can be purchased online through the park’s official website or at the entrance, offering flexibility and convenience for planning your visit. By providing a range of ticket options and pricing, Jhulelal Wild Water Park ensures that everyone can enjoy a day of exciting water rides and attractions without breaking the bank.

Category Approximate fee (Rs.)
Adults Rs. 1399 onwards
Kids Rs. 999 onwards
Senior Citizens Rs. 1399 onwards

Jhulelal Wild Water Park Timing 2024

In 2024, Jhulelal Wild Water Park operates with convenient timings to accommodate visitors throughout the week. The park typically opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM, allowing guests to enjoy a full day of water-based fun and relaxation. These hours provide ample time for visitors to explore all the attractions, from thrilling water slides to relaxing wave pools and lazy rivers.

By maintaining consistent operating hours, Jhulelal Wild Water Park ensures that both local residents and tourists can plan their visits easily. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hours or the entire day, the park’s regular schedule makes it simple to fit a visit into your itinerary. With its welcoming and well-maintained environment, Jhulelal Wild Water Park is ready to offer an enjoyable experience to all its guests in 2024.

  • Timings: 10 Am to 11 Pm

Types of Rides and Attraction

Jhulelal Wild Water Park offers a diverse range of rides and attractions designed to cater to visitors of all ages and thrill levels. For adrenaline junkies, the park features exciting water slides such as the high-speed “Turbo Twister” and the winding “Aqua Loop.” These thrilling rides provide heart-pounding excitement and are a major draw for those seeking adventure. Additionally, the “Wave Pool” mimics the experience of ocean waves, offering a fun and exhilarating way to cool off on a hot day.

For families and those looking for a more relaxed experience, Jhulelal Wild Water Park also has attractions like the “Lazy River,” where guests can float leisurely on inner tubes, and the “Kiddie Splash Zone,” which is designed specifically for young children with smaller slides and interactive water features. The park’s variety ensures that everyone, from young kids to adults, can find something enjoyable to do. With its mix of thrilling rides and relaxing attractions, Jhulelal Wild Water Park promises a fun-filled day for all visitors in 2024.

  1. Water Slides:
    • Body slides: Straight or twisted slides where riders slide down on their bodies.
    • Tube slides: Enclosed or open slides where riders sit or lie on tubes as they descend.
    • Mat slides: Similar to body slides but typically faster and more intense.
  2. Wave Pools:
    • Large pools that generate artificial waves, allowing guests to experience the sensation of swimming in the ocean.
  3. Lazy Rivers:
    • Slow-moving rivers where guests can float leisurely on inflatable tubes.
  4. Water Play Areas:
    • Interactive zones with water cannons, sprays, dumping buckets, and smaller slides designed for younger children.
  5. Family Raft Rides:
    • Large inflatable rafts that accommodate multiple riders, often descending through twists, turns, and drops.
  6. FlowRiders:
    • Simulated surfing attractions where guests can ride artificial waves on bodyboards or flowboards.
  7. Adventure Rivers:
    • Similar to lazy rivers but with added elements such as waterfalls, geysers, or rapids for a more adventurous experience.
  8. Aquatic Playgrounds:
    • Elaborate structures with multiple levels, slides, and interactive features suitable for children and families.
  9. Thrill Rides:
    • High-speed slides, steep drops, and complex configurations designed to provide exhilarating experiences for thrill-seekers.
  10. Splash Zones:
    • Areas with shallow pools, fountains, and water jets where guests can cool off and play in a safe environment.
  11. Tube Rivers:
    • Lazy rivers where guests can float on inner tubes, often featuring more intense currents or themed surroundings.
  12. Adventure Slides:
    • Slides with unique features such as loops, half-pipes, or sudden drops, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Jhulelal Water Park Tickets 2024 FAQ

1. How can I book tickets for Jhulelal Water Park & Resort in 2024?
Tickets for Jhulelal Water Park & Resort can be booked online through the park’s official website or purchased directly at the park entrance. Online booking allows you to secure your tickets in advance and avoid potential queues.

2. What are the ticket prices for Jhulelal Water Park & Resort?
General admission ticket prices typically range from ₹400 to ₹700. Discounts are often available for children, making it an affordable option for families. Group discounts and special packages may also be offered.

3. Are there any special packages or deals available?
Yes, Jhulelal Water Park & Resort offers various special packages that may include access to multiple attractions, meal deals, or group discounts. These packages provide added value and convenience for visitors.

4. Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets if my plans change?
The park’s refund and exchange policies may vary. It is advisable to review the terms and conditions on the park’s official website or contact their customer service directly for specific details regarding cancellations or changes.

5. Are there any age restrictions for certain rides or attractions?
Some rides and attractions may have age or height restrictions for safety reasons. It’s best to check the park’s official guidelines or inquire at the entrance for specific restrictions applicable to certain attractions.

6. What are the park’s operating hours?
Jhulelal Water Park & Resort typically operates from 10 AM to 6 PM. However, it’s recommended to check the park’s official website for the most current operating hours and any updates before planning your visit.

7. Is there parking available at the resort?
Yes, Jhulelal Water Park & Resort provides ample parking facilities for visitors. Parking fees and availability can be checked on the park’s official website or at the entrance.

8. Are there dining options available inside the park?
Yes, the park features various food courts and dining options offering a range of snacks, meals, and beverages to cater to different tastes and preferences.

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